The Firm offers an all embracing range of services in the areas of Company Law and such specific areas of corporate finance that impact on this law, particularly on the issue of securities. We offer guidance to
Companies seeking to raise capital from the capital or money markets or seeking quotation on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We guide our clients through the implementation of these transactions and through a variety of business combinations, mergers, de-mergers and complex domestic or cross border acquisitions, divestments, capital and corporate restructuring. Guidance in this context spans government regulatory, corporate and shareholder compliance and good governance and approval procedures.

We are able to provide these services because key members of the in-house team have, in various capacities, spent 30 years guiding leading conglomerates, multinational and publicly quoted companies through the full range of transactions described above. This includes companies in all facets of manufacturing industry, trading houses, the oil and gas sector and in banking and finance. Key members of the Firm were trained in a law office which by 1995 was the oldest in Nigeria and as such we therefore have the added advantage of an extensive precedent base.    

The foregoing not withstanding our objective is to remain innovative and versatile. In keeping with this spirit, members of the team have participated in or advised capital and emerging markets on a number of novel schemes, instruments and structures, including unit trusts, hybrid debt/equity instruments and also the first securities discount house in Nigeria. The services of members of our Team are particularly sought when there is a requirement for legislative and regulatory advocacy and compliance and in this regard we have offered support and assistance directly and indirectly to agencies of the Federal Government charged with the implementation of the Federal Government of Nigeria's Economic and Structural Reform Initiative.

We also regularly contribute on a regular basis to a number of  international publications and annual surveys on capital/emerging markets and on doing business in Nigeria in general.

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