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  1. Commercial and Corporate Law.
    1. Local and international capital and money markets and business combinations.
    2. Foreign Direct Investment, Joint Ventures and new projects
    3. Banking, loan syndications, project and trade finance
    4. Regulatory Affairs, effects on business activities.
  2. Privatisation, Concessions and Public-Private-Partnerships.
  3. Energy Law, relating to the power industry and upstream/downstream oil and gas operations.
  4. Property Law, real estate and property development.
  5. Labour law, pensions and immigration law.
  6. Aviation and maritime law.
  7. Insurance law and practise.
  8. Telecommunications law.
  9. Environmental law.
  10. Company Secretarial services and Due Diligence investigations.
  11. Intellectual Property matters, including Trade Marks, Patents and Technical and Management Services Agreements.
  12. Litigation and Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution, relating to any of the above areas of practise.

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